Single Image Viewer - Help

Use the menus to choose the hemisphere, date, and type of image to view. Your changes should take effect immediately.

To download the image use your browser's Save function (usually a right-click menu option).

It is possible to select an image that doesn't exist - either the date is out of range or the data are missing for some other reason. This results in a NO DATA image or a regular image with the caption "Insufficient Data Available".

Note: The viewer will always return the most recent Concentration Trends images regardless of the year selected.

The buttons above the image control the animation.

Previous Display previous image
Next Display next image
Reverse Play Auto step (play) in reverse
Stop Stop
Forward Play Auto step (play) forward
Beginning Rewind to the beginning of the time series
End Advance to the end of the time series

Checking Fixed Month Animations causes the auto step to increment the year only. Otherwise, the month is incremented and then the year.

The Slower and Faster buttons control the rate of the auto stepping. Each button press slows down or steps up the animation speed.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to see the images with this viewer. However, the archived images can be accessed directly via anonymous ftp at

If you need additional help, please contact NSIDC User Services.