Data Sets

NSIDC offers a wide variety of sea ice products derived from passive microwave sensors, visible and infrared sensors, and other sources such as ice charts. Click on the following links to explore and access these various sea ice data products.

Passive Microwave Sea Ice Products

Sea ice data from pasive microwave sensors include brightness temperatures, extent, velocity, melt onset, and sea ice concentration. Sea ice concentration data sets are available in both the Polar Stereographic projection and the Equal-Area Scalable Earth Grid (EASE-Grid). Sea ice trends, time series, and climatologies—such as monthly and annual basin averages of extent, concentration, extent anomalies, and concentration anomalies—are also available.

Visible and Infrared Sea Ice Products

Sea ice extent and other sea ice data are available from visible and infrared sensors.

Field Observations and Operational Charts

Data sets in this category include sea ice charts, sea ice drift and velocity, sea ice concentration and extent, sea ice thickness, sea ice age, and others from ships, buoys, upward-looking sonar, and manned research stations.