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Data Sets

The links below take you to data sets where you can order data directly from NSIDC, the Physical Oceanography DAAC (PO.DAAC), the Brigham Young University (BYU), or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Near-Real-Time Products.

Data Products

Click on the thumbnails below each product title to view larger images and descriptions. These are just a few examples of Arctic, Antarctic, and global scatterometry images from each data product. They do not necessarily represent the complete set of regions and images available from each product.

Data Products Available from NSIDC

NSIDC provides sea ice extent for the Arctic and Antarctic, produced from daily-averaged QuikSCAT sigma-0 measurements.

NASA SCP Arctic and Antarctic Ice Extent from QuikSCAT, 1999-2004
browse_nscp_arctic_2004-001-001.sir.ims.jpg browse_nscp_arctic_2004_qusv.jpg browse_nscp_antar_2000_Ant0.jpg browse_nscp_antar_2000_Ant00-001.jpg

Data Products Available from PO.DAAC [top]

PO.DAAC provides conventional and enhanced-resolution radar backscatter images of the polar regions from SASS, ERS-1/2, NSCAT, QuickSCAT and SeaWinds.

PO.DAAC sea ice data are available via the PO.DAAC Sea Ice Catalog.

PO.DAAC sea surface temperature data are available via the PO.DAAC Ocean Temperature Data Catalog.

PO.DAAC radiometer and scatterometer wind data are available via the PO.DAAC Ocean Winds Data Catalog.

SeaWinds on QuikSCAT Arctic Sea Ice Age Classification (BYU/SCP), D. Long

BYU Daily Browse Images of QuikSCAT Sigma-0 Measurements
tn_shd_browse_quikscat_north_hp_1999_361.jpg tn_shd_browse_quikscat_north_hp_2003_200.jpg tn_shd_browse_quikscat_south_hp_2000_253.jpg tn_shd_browse_quikscat_south_hp_2003_200.jpg tn_shd_browse_quikscat_global_hp_2003_200.jpg tn_shd_browse_quikscat_global_vp_1999_361.jpg

BYU Daily Browse Images of SeaWinds Sigma-0 Measurements
tn_shd_han2003363.jpg tn_shd_has2003363.jpg

BYU High Resolution Images of Seasat Sigma0 Measurements
tn_shd_browse_seasat_arctic_vp_1978_210-233_sir.jpg tn_shd_browse_seasat_antarctica_vp_1978_198-221_sir.jpg tn_shd_browse_seasat_alaska_vp_1978_198-221_sir_lmsk.jpg tn_shd_browse_seasat_europe_1978_198-221_sir_lmsk.jpg tn_shd_browse_seasat_greenland_vp_1978_204-227_sir_lmsk.jpg

BYU High Resolution Images of NSCAT Sigma0 Measurements
tn_shd_browse_nscat_arctic_1996_361-366_sir.jpg tn_shd_browse_nscat_antarctica_1996_271-276_sir.jpg tn_shd_browse_nscat_alaska_1996_361-366_sir_lmsk.jpg tn_shd_browse_nscat_bering_1996_361-366_sir.jpg tn_shd_browse_nscat_europe_1996_355-366_sir_lmsk.jpg tn_shd_browse_nscat_greenland_1996_361-366_sir_lmsk.jpg

BYU High Resolution Images of ERS Sigma0 Measurements
tn_shd_browse_ers2_arctic_2000_361-001_sir.jpg tn_shd_browse_ers2_antarctica_1996_173-178_sir.jpg tn_shd_browse_ers2_alaska_1998_352-357_sir_lmsk.jpg tn_shd_browse_ers2_europe_1999_350-002_sir_lmsk.jpg tn_shd_browse_ers2_greenland_1998_362-002_sir_lmsk.jpg

Data Products Available from BYU [top]

BYU provides enhanced-resolution images and derived products.

BYU Scatterometer Climate Record Pathfinder (SCP) Data Sets
tn_shd_quev-a-arc04-010-010.sir.jpg tn_shd_quev-a-ant04-158-158.sir.jpg tn_shd_quikscat_globes.jpg tn_shd_quikscat_winds.jpg

Data Products Available from NOAA [top]

Ocean Surface Winds Derived from the SeaWinds Scatterometer provides access to Paul Chang's NOAA Near-Real-Time Products page with QuikSCAT Near-Real-Time (NRT) wind, backscatter, and ice products.