Polaris Help

General Information
  1. What will this interface allow me to do?
  2. Where can I find the Release Notes for this product?
Support Information
  1. How can I report a problem with this interface?
  2. How can I contact someone if I have a question?
  3. Where can I find documentation for the data I have downloaded?
How to Perform a Search
  1. How do I perform a geospatial search?
  2. How do I perform a temporal search?
  3. How can I search for a specific data set or variable?
Data Access and Availability
  1. Can I access all of NSIDC's data from here?
Download Options
  1. What data formats are available for on-the-fly reformatting?
  2. What projections are available for on-the-fly reprojection?
Technical Issues
  1. Why did I receive data files with time stamps that don't match my query?
  2. Why is my job taking a long time to complete?
  3. How is the user session saved?
  4. Why don't the scroll arrows work?
  5. What browsers are supported?