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Program for Arctic Regional Climate Assessment


19 August 2009

The Program for Arctic Regional Climate Assessment (PARCA) will hold its 2009 meeting in Seattle on Sept 30 and Oct 1, right after WAIS-FRISP.

Date: Sept 30 and Oct 1. The day after WAIS-FRISP ends.
Location: Washington University, Seattle
Lodging: A block of rooms is being reserved
Contact: Ian Joughin who is organizing the meeting, and he will have a Web page with details set up soon. In the meantime, please plan your travel accordingly, and send a note to Ian if you plan to attend so he can get a head count and set up a mailing list.

Agenda (tentative)
General focus is Greenland
Field plans for 2010 and beyond
IceBridge (bed mapping needs, and links with ICESat and Cryosat)
Ice sheet mass balance--what will it take to converge the mass balance estimates using different techniques?
Toward a new DEM for Greenland

04 March 2008

NSIDC has released the Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Characteristics Derived from Passive Microwave Data data set which is a binary indicator of the state of melt of each pixel on the Greenland ice sheet for each day of observation. The Greenland ice sheet melt extent data, acquired as part of NASA's Program for Arctic Regional Climate Assessment (PARCA) program, is a daily estimate of the spatial extent of wet snow on the Greenland ice sheet since 1979. It is derived from SSM/I and SMMR passive microwave satellite brightness temperature characteristics using the cross-polarized gradient ratio (XPGR) of Abdalati and Steffen (1997). The data are provided in a variety of formats including raw data in ASCII format, data in binary format gridded on a Greenland subset of the Northern Hemisphere polar stereographic projection, and annual and complete time series climatologies in binary and GeoTIFF format all at a resolution of 25 km. All data are available via FTP.