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Atmospheric Nitrate Isotopic Analysis at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, A Twenty-Five Year Record, Version 1

This data set contains snow pit measurements of oxygen isotopes, 17O and 18O, in nitrate and ion concentrations, and surface measurements of oxygen isotopes in nitrate and in nitrate aerosols from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica. The 6-meter snow pit provides investigators with a 25-year record of nitrate isotope variations and ion concentrations for a period spanning from 1979 to 2004. Monthly surface snow and weekly aerosol collections yield a year-long record of nitrate isotopic composition starting 01 December 2003 and ending 31 December 2004.

Little is known about the past denitrification of the stratosphere in high latitude regions. Such knowledge is important to understanding the chemical state of the ancient atmospheres and evaluating the present climate models. With this research, investigators aim to understand the denitrification of the Antarctic stratosphere and quantify the sources of nitrate aerosols over time.

Data are in Microsoft Excel format and are available via FTP.

Geographic Coverage

Spatial Coverage:
  • N: -89.9975, S: -89.9975, E: 139.2728, W: 139.2728

Spatial Resolution: Not Specified
Temporal Coverage:
  • 1 December 2003 to 31 December 2004
Temporal Resolution: 300 month
  • Snow/Ice > Snow/Ice Chemistry > Ammonium
  • Snow/Ice > Snow/Ice Chemistry > Calcium
  • Snow/Ice > Snow/Ice Chemistry > Chlorine
  • Snow/Ice > Snow/Ice Chemistry > Magnesium
  • Snow/Ice > Snow/Ice Chemistry > Methanesulphonic Acid (MSA)
  • Snow/Ice > Snow/Ice Chemistry > Nitrate
Data Format(s):
  • Microsoft Excel
Version: V1
Data Contributor(s): Mark Thiemens, Joel Savarino

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Thiemens, M. H. and J. Savarino. 2006. Atmospheric Nitrate Isotopic Analysis at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, A Twenty-Five Year Record, Version 1. [Indicate subset used]. Boulder, Colorado USA. NSIDC: National Snow and Ice Data Center. doi: [Date Accessed].
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