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Vostok Ice Core Chemistry, Timescale, Isotope, and Temperature Data, Version 1

This data set contains ice core chemistry, timescale, isotope, and temperature data analyzed by several investigators. In January 1998, the collaborative ice-drilling project between Russia,
the United States, and France at the Russian Vostok station in East Antarctica
yielded the deepest ice core ever recovered, reaching a depth of 3,623 m. Preliminary data indicate the Vostok ice-core record
extends through four climate cycles, with ice slightly older than 400 kyr.

Spatial Coverage: Not specified
Spatial Resolution: Not Specified
Temporal Coverage: Not specified
Temporal Resolution: Not specified
  • Ice Core Records > Carbon Dioxide
  • Ice Core Records > Isotopes
  • Ice Core Records > Methane
  • Snow/Ice > Snow/Ice Chemistry
  • Snow/Ice > Snow/Ice Temperature
Data Format(s): Not specified
Version: V1
Data Contributor(s): Jean Petit, Jean Jouzel, Todd Sowers, Michael Bender, J Barnola, Hubertus Fishcer, Jerome Chappellaz, Thomas Blunier, William Ruddiman
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