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CLPX-Model: Rapid Update Cycle 40km (RUC-40) Model Output Reduced Data, Version 1

The Rapid Update Cycle, version 2 at 40km (RUC-2, known to the Cold Land Processes community as RUC40) model is a Mesoscale Analysis and Prediction System (MAPS) data set that uses the Model Output Reduced Data Set (MORDS) version. This data set has been subsetted for use in the Cold Land Processes Field Experiment (CLPX).

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Geographic Coverage

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Temporal Coverage:
  • 2002-10-01 to 2003-06-30
Temporal Resolution:
Not specified
Sensor(s): Not specified
Spatial Coverage:
  • N: 42.568, S: 38.394, E: -103.971, W: -108.615

Spatial Resolution:
Not Specified
  • Precipitation > Snow > Accumulated Snow
  • Atmospheric Temperature > Air Temperature
  • Surface Radiative Properties > Albedo
  • Snow/Ice > Albedo
  • Precipitation > Precipitation Amount > Convective Precipitation
  • Atmospheric Radiation > Longwave Radiation > Downward Longwave Flux
  • Atmospheric Radiation > Shortwave Radiation > Downward Shortwave Flux
  • Altitude > Geopotential Height
  • Clouds > Cloud Height > High Level Cloud Cover
  • Atmospheric Radiation > Heat Flux > Latent Heat Flux
  • Clouds > Cloud Height > Low Level Cloud Cover
Data Format(s):
  • ASCII Text (.txt)
Data Contributor(s): Kristi Arsenault

We kindly request that you cite the use of this data set in a publication using the following citation. For more information, see Use and Copyright.

Arsenault, K. 2004. CLPX-Model: Rapid Update Cycle 40km (RUC-40) Model Output Reduced Data, Version 1. [indicate subset used]. Boulder, Colorado USA. NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center.

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