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Comprehensive Ocean - Atmosphere Data Set (COADS) LMRF Arctic Subset, Version 1

The Comprehensive Ocean - Atmosphere Data Set (COADS) LMRF Arctic
subset contains marine surface weather reports for the region north of
65 degrees N from ships, drifting ice stations, and buoys. COADS is
the result of an ongoing project to assemble and reduce
machine-readable portions of the available historical ocean-atmosphere
record into a regular, compact, easy-to-use database. The COADS LMRF
Arctic subset contains data collected over the years 1950 to 1995. The
following parameters are included in this data set: air and sea
temperature, cloudiness, humidity, and winds. The scientists
assembling COADS have attempted to integrate all available digitized,
directly sensed surface-marine data sets that would contribute
information of reasonable quality. Most of the early data were
gathered by ships-of-opportunity. More recent data also come from
fixed research vessels, buoys, and other observing devices. Data
archived at NSIDC is for the region North of 65 degrees N. for the years 1950-1995. Updates will be made available as they are received
The COADS LMRF Arctic subset consists of 46 data files (one for each
year) which are in LMRF (Long Marine Report Fixed-Length, packed
binary format), and has a total volume of approximately 201 MB UNIX
compressed, and 632 MB uncompressed. The data are in the form of
individual marine reports with a given latitude and longitude. A
UNIX-based Fortran program is distributed with the data files.

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