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Historical Arctic Rawinsonde Archive, Version 1

Note: This data set is now on FTP so references to CD-ROM are historic and no longer applicable.

The Historical Arctic Rawinsonde Archive is on FTP, and it contains millions of vertical soundings of temperature, pressure, humidity, and wind, representing all available rawinsonde ascents from Arctic land stations poleward of 65 degrees North. HARA includes soundings from the beginning of record through mid-1996. Most stations began recording soundings in the late 1950s, but a few began in 1947 or 1948. Coverage is relatively uniform, except for the interior of Greenland. Typically, 20 to 40 levels are available in each sounding. HARA documentation is provided in the FTP directory and in hard copy (NSIDC Special Report 2, 1992). The FTP directory contain software (Fortran and C) for retrieval of sounding data subsets. The original soundings were obtained from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, Colorado and the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) of NOAA in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Temporal Coverage:
  • 1947-11-10 to 1996-06-30
Temporal Resolution:
Not specified
Spatial Coverage:
  • N: 90, S: 65, E: 180, W: -180

Spatial Resolution:
Not Specified
  • Atmospheric Temperature > Air Temperature
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Altitude > Geopotential Height
  • Atmospheric Water Vapor > Water Vapor > Humidity
  • Atmospheric Water Vapor > Humidity
  • Atmospheric Temperature > Surface Air Temperature
  • Atmospheric Winds > Upper Level Winds > Wind Direction
  • Atmospheric Winds > Surface Winds > Wind Direction
  • Atmospheric Winds > Upper Level Winds > Wind Speed
  • Atmospheric Winds > Surface Winds > Wind Speed
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Not specified
Data Contributor(s): Jonathan Kahl, Mark Serreze

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Jonathan Kahl and Mark Serreze 2003. Historical Arctic Rawinsonde Archive, Version 1. [indicate subset used]. Boulder, Colorado USA. NSIDC: National Snow and Ice Data Center.
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