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Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer

MODIS Terra Version 5 Sea Ice Products Reprocessing Plan

Reprocessing of MODIS Terra Version 5 (V005) sea ice products started in early September 2006 and is expected to be complete in mid-2008. The reprocessing campaign is proceeding in time order from the oldest data acquired. Currently, V005 production is only occurring for previously acquired data. Newly acquired data is still being produced as V004 data.

However, starting in 2007, newly acquired data will no longer be processed for V004 and will only be processed for V005, and the reprocessing campaign for V005 data will continue. Then in mid-2008, all reprocessing of old data for V005 should be complete, and only processing of newly acquired data for V005 will be done.

For your reference, the MODIS Terra Version 5 Sea Ice Products Reprocessing Plan is illustrated below with the use of three timelines. Thus, timeline number one shows what data are currently available for each version. Timeline number two shows what will be available starting in 2007. And timeline number three shows what will be available once the reprocessing campaign is complete in mid-2008.

MODIS Version 5 Reprocessing Plan