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Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer

Colorado Maximum Snow Extent, 09-16 May 2002

The following image was derived from the Maximum Snow Extent field of the MODIS/Terra Snow Cover 8-Day L3 Global 500m Grid, Version 4 data set, available from NSIDC.

Four input MOD10A2 tiles in HDF-EOS format were reprojected to a Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Zone 13 projection and converted to GeoTIFF format using the freeware HDF-EOS to GeoTIFF (HEG) converter tool. ArcMap software was used to mosaic the four resulting GeoTIFF files, overlay county boundaries and cities, and create a map.

The following files are the source files used to create this image:

Colorado Maximum Snow Extent, 09-16 May 2002
Snow cover legend