MASIE - Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent - Northern Hemisphere (MASIE-NH)
NOTICE: The data providers have released a new version of the input data for MASIE. We are working to incorporate this new version into our processing system and plan to complete it by the end of April 2015. Contact NSIDC User Services with any questions.

MASIE Time Series Plots

Below are time series plots of the comparison of sea ice extent for this year and the previous year for the MASIE regions. Click on the image for a larger view. Note: These images may not render properly in all browsers (for example Mozilla Firefox on a PC). To see a high resolution version, click on the image.

Region 1- Beaufort Sea

Region 2- Chukchi Sea

Region 3 - East Siberian Sea

Region 4 - Laptev Sea

Region 5 - Kara Sea

Region 6 - Barents Sea

Region 7 - Greenland Sea

Region 8 - Baffin Bay/Gulf of St. Lawrence

Region 9 - Canadian Archipelago

Region 10 - Hudson Bay

Region 11 - Central Arctic

Region 12 - Bering Sea

Region 13 - Baltic Sea

Region 14 - Sea of Okhotsk

Region 15 - Yellow Sea

Region 16 - Cook Inlet