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NSIDC offers hundreds of scientific data sets for research, focusing on the cryosphere and its interactions. Data are from satellites and field observations. All data are free of charge.

 NSIDC Data Search

You can search for data in NSIDC's entire online data catalog using the Data Search tool.

 Data Search & Access Tools

Here you'll find search-and-order interfaces, map services, plus photograph and information databases.

 Easy-to-Use Data Products

NSIDC packages easy-to-use data products about the Earth's cryosphere that require little or no processing or programming.

 Data Collections

Looking for a certain data collection such as MODIS or the Sea Ice Products? Here you'll find collections such as these listed by name.

 Data Analysis & Imaging Tools

Need a tool for working with HDF-EOS data, or want to create a map projection for an EASE-Grid data set?

 Data Updates & Announcements

NSIDC wants to keep you informed. Get the latest data product updates, RSS feeds, and announcements.

 Submit Data

How to submit your data related to the Earth's frozen regions and their role in global climate to NSIDC.

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Featured Tools

Data Pool
The Data Pool provides direct FTP access to the NSIDC EOS data.

Reverb is an interface for discovering Earth Science data distributed from NSIDC and other EOSDIS data centers.

User Support

Contact NSIDC User Services
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University of Colorado
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Use & Copyright

See Citing NSIDC Data for our policy on citing and acknowledging the use of our data sets.