Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves


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Western Ross locator map
27 January 2003, 19:10

Projection: Polar Stereographic
Datum: WGS84
Standard Parallel: -71.0
Corner Coordinates (MODIS):
    UL: 75.045418S 160.001160E
    LL: 77.941246S 154.852798E
    UR: 75.906471S 176.133911E
    LR: 79.036034S 175.018311E
Corner Coordinates (AVHRR):
    UL: 76.054024S 161.146149E
    LL: 79.749214S 153.857178E
    UR: 76.795753S 179.968185E
    LR: 80.793304S 179.954269E
Number of Rows (MODIS): 1380
Number of Columns (MODIS): 1820
Number of Rows (AVHRR): 549
Number of Columns (AVHRR): 617
Meters per Pixel (MODIS): 250
Meters per Pixel (AVHRR): 800