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Eastern Ronne locator map
03 December 2002, 10:50

Projection: Polar Stereographic
Datum: WGS84
Standard Parallel: -71.0
Corner Coordinates (MODIS and AVHRR):
    UL: 74.333893S 39.360039W
    LL: 77.812950S 54.803135W
    UR: 76.884613S 22.299561W
    LR: 81.374008S 35.331970W
Number of Rows (MODIS): 2236
Number of Columns (MODIS): 2176
Number of Rows (AVHRR): 559
Number of Columns (AVHRR): 544
Meters per Pixel (MODIS): 250
Meters per Pixel (AVHRR): 1000