Using the Visualizer

The GLAS Visualizer lets you read data from an ICESat/GLAS file and view graphical summaries of variables.

For installation instructions, please read the ICESAT/GLAS Science Computing Facility Visualization Software User’s Guide (the SCF_DVUG_NSIDC.doc file), which is included in the tool download. This User's Guide also contains instructions for running the Visualizer and setting plot properties.

The Visualizer requires IDL. However, if you don't have IDL, you may use the free IDL Virtual Machine (IDL VM) as follows.

  1. Download the IDL VM.
  2. Start the Visualizer.
    • Unix: Run the script run_vm_visualizer.ksh
    • PC: Click on the file icesavis_ds.sav

Note that only the "Select from Specific Data Set" option is available.

The following examples may help you get started viewing ICESat/GLAS altimetry and atmospheric data using the GLAS Visualizer. These examples illustrate how to work with the Visualizer, and may not reflect all the current file names, features, etc.

Example Visualizing Altimetry Data

Example Visualizing Atmospheric Data