Order Data

Important! Please read the User Acknowledgement on NASA ICESat/GLAS Data Releases before ordering ICESat/GLAS data.

We recommend you work with the latest release for each product which is the highest release number and includes several improvements to product algorithms. See the Description of Data Releases Web page for more information.

The table below provides links to different options for ordering ICESat/GLAS data.

Data Source Link Data Source Information

Data Pool

The Data Pool provides HTTPS access to NSIDC Earth Observing System (EOS) data, including the entire archive of GLAS data.  Requires an Earthdata login.

Earthdata Search

Search and discover the entire archive of ICESat/GLAS data, as well as data from NSIDC and other Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) data centers.

ICESat/GLAS Data Subsetter

Subsetting is available for ICESat/GLAS binary Release 34 data products.

Please see the Description of Special Request ICESat/GLAS Files for information about file naming for special request data from the ICESat/GLAS Data Subsetter.

Note: Spatial searching is disabled for GLA01 and GLA02. The orbits for GLA01 and GLA02 are predicted orbits and do not show any target-of-opportunity pointing. The GLAS science team decided not to enable spatial searching for these two products in the Reverb Tool because of a potentially large number of false negatives. If you order GLA05 to GLA15 data granules (which support spatial searching) and you require matching GLA01 or GLA02 granules, please note the data times and/or file names from the GLA05 to GLA15 granules. Use these times to perform your search for GLA01 and GLA02 granules.