ICESat/GLAS Data Dictionaries

The ICESat/GLAS data products include two sets of Data Dictionaries, one for binary data, and another set for HDF5 data.

HDF5 Data Dictionaries

GLAS HDF5 Data Dictionaries
Product Long Name Data Dictionary
GLAH01 GLAS/ICESat L1A Global Altimetry Data (HDF5) GLAH01 Data Dictionary
GLAH02 GLAS/ICESat L1A Global Atmosphere Data (HDF5) GLAH02 Data Dictionary
GLAH03 GLAS/ICESat L1A Global Engineering Data (HDF5) GLAH03 Data Dictionary
GLAH04 GLAS/ICESat L1A Global Laser Pointing Data (HDF5) GLAH04 Data Dictionary
GLAH05 GLAS/ICESat L1B Global Waveform-based Range Corrections Data (HDF5) GLAH05 Data Dictionary
GLAH06 GLAS/ICESat L1B Global Elevation Data (HDF5) GLAH06 Data Dictionary
GLAH07 GLAS/ICESat L1B Global Elevation Data (HDF5) GLAH07 Data Dictionary
GLAH08 GLAS/ICESat L2 Global Planetary Boundary Layer and Elevated Aerosol Layer Heights (HDF5) GLAH08 Data Dictionary
GLAH09 GLAS/ICESat L2 Global Cloud Heights for Multi-layer Clouds (HDF5) GLAH09 Data Dictionary
GLAH10 GLAS/ICESat L2 Global Aerosol Vertical Structure Data (HDF5) GLAH10 Data Dictionary
GLAH11 GLAS/ICESat L2 Global Thin Cloud/Aerosol Optical Depths Data (HDF5) GLAH11 Data Dictionary
GLAH12 GLAS/ICESat L2 Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheet Altimetry Data (HDF5) GLAH12 Data Dictionary
GLAH13 GLAS/ICESat L2 Sea Ice Altimetry Data (HDF5) GLAH13 Data Dictionary
GLAH14 GLAS/ICEsat L2 Global Land Surface Altimetry Data (HDF5) GLAH14 Data Dictionary
GLAH15 GLAS/ICESat L2 Ocean Altimetry Data (HDF5) GLAH15 Data Dictionary

Binary Data Dictionaries

GLAS Binary Data Dictionaries
Product Long Name Link to Data Dictionary
Altimetry GLAS/ICESat L1 and L2 Global Altimetry Data GLAS Altimetry Data Dictionary
Atmosphere GLAS/ICESat L1 and L2 Global Atmospheric Data GLAS Atmosphere Data Dictionary