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Arctic EASE-Grid Freeze and Thaw Depths, 1901 - 2002, Version 1

This data set contains mean, median, minimum and maximum freeze and thaw depths for each year from
1901 to 2002 on the 25 km resolution Equal-Area Scalable Earth Grid (EASE-Grid) for areas north of 50
deg. Freeze and thaw depths are estimated using a variant of the Stefan solution using an edaphic factor
and freezing or thawing indices as inputs. The edaphic factor is estimated based on different land surface
types; the freezing and thawing indices are from Northern Hemisphere EASE-Grid annual freezing
and thawing indices, 1901 - 2002 (Zhang, et al. 2005).

Two ASCII files are available for each year for freeze depth and thaw depth, respectively. Each file is
approximately 25.6 MB in size. In addition, there is one 10.5 MB ASCII file defining the latitude and longitude coordinates for each grid point. The data set is available via FTP as three compressed files.

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