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Yukon Ground Temperature Data Collection - 1966 to 1981, Version 1

The database contains subsurface temperature measurements recorded between 1966 and the end of August, 1981 in the Yukon Territory. Measurements were obtained by the former Earth Physics Branch of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada (now Geological Survey of Canada of Natural Resources Canada)in cooperation with mining, petroleum, engineering and consulting industries, the Polar Continental Shelf Project, and the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. Data from 14 shallow boreholes (0-10 m), 28 intermediate depth holes (10-125 m) and 29 deep holes (greater than 125 m) have been compiled. Four of the boreholes are located in Northern British Columbia. Included in the accompanying report (Burgess et al., 1982), are the mean annual ground surface temperature, mean ground temperature gradients and permafrost thickness for each borehole.

Geographic Coverage

  • Frozen Ground > Permafrost
  • Frozen Ground > Soil Temperature
Spatial Coverage:
  • N: 69.283, S: 59.7, E: -129.4, W: -141

Spatial Resolution: Not Specified
Temporal Coverage:
  • 1 January 1966 to 31 August 1981
Temporal Resolution: Not specified
Data Format(s):
  • Paper
Platform(s) Not specified
Sensor(s): Not specified
Version: V1
Data Contributor(s): Margo Burgess
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