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Engineering-Geocryological Investigations in the Baikal-Amur Mainline Area, Russia, Version 1

This data set includes geocryological data from boreholes in the Baikal-Amur mainline area of Russia. Parameters include soil properties, ground temperature, ground water properties, geophysical properties, and active layer depth. Data were collected during 1964-65, 1969, 1971-72, 1974-78, 1980-84, and 1987-88. The data set includes engineering-geocryological maps (1:500 to 1:2000) and geocryological sections. Data are stored at the National Geocryological Fund, Moscow, under the following Archive Numbers: 12958(10733); 12652; 12249; 12651; 8717; 11168(8080); 11115; 15087; 16753; 16562; 12933(10793); 13623; 13190(11182); 14046; 14286; 14503; 15442; and 15087. This data set is at risk of being lost.

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