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EASE-Grid Data

Data Sets in the Equal-Area Scalable Earth Grid

EASE-Grid 2.0 Format Description

Version 2.0, the newest release of EASE-Grid, is defined with the WGS 84 ellipsoid rather than the spherical Earth model in the original. It offers the following enhancements and improvements:

  • GeoTIFF compatibility
  • Exact azimuthal grid scale
  • Simplified nested grids
  • No undefined "off-the-Earth" grid cells at corners of azimuthal grids
  • With reprojection, comparisons can still be made to data in original EASE-Grid format

For a detailed comparison between the original EASE-Grid and EASE-Grid 2.0, please refer to the Versions page.

EASE-Grid 2.0 Data

Two major NASA-funded projects have adopted EASE-Grid 2.0 as the standard format for gridded data sets, including the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) project (data are forthcoming), and the MEaSUREs snow and ice project. EASE-Grid 2.0 will also be used for the Passive Microwave ESDR MEaSUREs project.

Land-Ocean-Coast-Ice Masks

Corresponding Land-Ocean-Coast-Ice (LOCI) masks derived from BU-MODIS land cover data are included in a BU-MODIS tar file for use with EASE-Grid 2.0 Northern Hemisphere 25 km data. A .png version of the LOCI file is also included for quick illustration of the contents. For general documentation regarding these masks in the original EASE-Grid, refer to the BU-MODIS Land Cover section on the EASE-Grid Ancillary Data page.

Importing EASE-Grid 2.0 Data into a GIS

To import these data into a GIS, refer to the Importing NSIDC Passive Microwave EASE-Grid Data into a GIS page.