Inventory of Rock Glaciers along the Ghunsa Valley, Kanchanjunga Himal, Eastern Nepal


This dataset provides information on a number of Nepali rock glaciers distributed above 4250 m ASL along the Ghunsa valley and the Kanchanjunga glacier (originating from the summit of Mt. Kanchanjunga, 8586 m ASL). The rock glaciers were identified on the basis of air photo analysis and were visited in October and November 1999. The longitude, latitude, and elevation of each rock glacier are given. Geographic coordinates were determined using a 1:50,000 topographic map of Nepal. Two categories of rock glaciers are described: glacier-derived and talus-derived rock glaciers. The internal structure of two rock glaciers (KR4 and KR23) were investigated by DC resistivity imaging. Data are available via ftp.

Citing These Data:

Ishikawa, M. 2002. Inventory of Rock Glaciers along the Ghunsa Valley, Kanchanjunga Himal, Eastern Nepal. Boulder, CO: National Snow and Ice Data Center. Digital Media.

Overview Table

Category Description
Data format Tab-delimited ASCII file
Spatial coverage Ghunsa valley, Kanchanjunga Himal, eastern Nepal
Temporal coverage 1998 - 1999
File naming convention ggd610_nepal_rock_glac.txt
File size 2 KB
Parameter(s) latitude, longitude, elevation, internal structure
Procedures for obtaining data data are available via ftp

Table of Contents

1. Contacts and Acknowledgments
2. Detailed Data Description
3. Document Information

1. Contacts and Acknowledgments:

Investigator(s) Name and Title:

Mamoru Ishikawa
Frontier Observational Research System for Global Change
3173-25 Showamachi
Yokohama City, Kanagawa
236-0001 Japan

Technical Contact:

NSIDC User Services
National Snow and Ice Data Center
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0449  USA
phone: +1 303.492.6199
fax: +1 303.492.2468
form: Contact NSIDC User Services

2. Detailed Data Description:


The data are provided in a tab-delimited ASCII file, named ggd610_nepal_rock_glac.txt.

File headers in the file include:

Inventory NoUnique identifying number for each glacier
N North longitude in deg, min, sec
E East latitude in deg, min, sec
Altitude (mASL) Altitude in meters above sea level
Geographic type of rock glacier Talus-derived, or Glacier-derived
Known Internal structure Ice-cemented or Ice-cored

Sample Data File:

Inventory No	N		E		Altitude(mASL)	Geographic type of rock glacier	Known Internal structure
KR04		27 47 12	88 08 10	5300		Talus-derived rock glacier	Ice-cemented rock glacier

File Size:

The ASCII file is 2 KB.

Spatial Coverage:

Data were collected at 24 rock glaciers in the Ghunsa valley, Kanchanjunga Himal, eastern Nepal (87° 57' 38" N, 49° 40' E to 88° 08' 01" N, 56° 40' E). Glaciers are numbered KR01 through KR24, but are not named.

Temporal Coverage:

Data were collected between 1998 and 1999. Measurements at the glaciers were taken in October and November 1999.

Parameter or Variable:

This data set consists of latitude, longitude, elevation, and internal structure data for rock glaciers.

3. Document Information:

This data set is related to Air Temperatures at High Altitude, Kanchanjunga Himal, Eastern Nepal

Document Creation Date:

24 February 2003

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