Description of Data Files

Dates are presented as dd/mm/yyyy throughout.
All depths are in meters.

Each row in the table below contains the links to the primary files for each borehole within the data set.

The Site, Log, and Observation files are described in a format file. These files, along with description and topographic make up the original data base. These files are easily utilized for computer analysis. Please read the format document which describes each data file completely.

The Complete File contains all the data from the Site, Log, and Observation files in a single file formatted to be easier to browse within the browser window.

Station Name Station Number Complete File Site Log Observation
HUME RIVER D-53 100_01 ca100_01.dat s100 l100 t100
SCHEFFERVILLE -3 110_03 ca110_03.dat s110_03 l110_03 t110_03
ASBESTOS HILL -1 114_01 ca114_01.dat s114_01 l114_01 t114_01
ASBESTOS HILL -2 114_02 ca114_02.dat s114_02 l114_02 t114_02
ASBESTOS HILL -3 114_03 ca114_03.dat s114_03 l114_03 t114_03
ASBESTOS HILL -6 114_06 ca114_06.dat s114_06 l114_06 t114_06
ASBESTOS HILL -7 114_07 ca114_07.dat s114_07 l114_07 t114_07
ASBESTOS HILL -8 114_08 ca114_08.dat s114_08 l114_08 t114_08
WEST WHITEFISH RIVER H-34 151_01 ca151_01.dat s151 l151 t151
KRISTOFFER BAY B-06 155_01 ca155_01.dat s155 l155 t155
POLARIS -1 157_01 ca157_01.dat s157_01 l157_01 t157_01
POLARIS -2 157_02 ca157_02.dat s157_02 l157_02 t157_02
POLARIS -3 157_03 ca157_03.dat s157_03 l157_03 t157_03
POLARIS -4 157_04 ca157_04.dat s157_04 l157_04 t157_04
POLARIS -5 157_05 ca157_05.dat s157_05 l157_05 t157_05
POLARIS -6 157_06 ca157_06.dat s157_06 l157_06 t157_06
POLARIS -7 157_07 ca157_07.dat s157_07 l157_07 t157_07
POLARIS -8 157_08 ca157_08.dat s157_08 l157_08 t157_08
POLARIS -9 157_09 ca157_09.dat s157_09 l157_09 t157_09
POLARIS -10 157_10 ca157_10.dat s157_10 l157_10 t157_10
POLARIS -11 157_11 ca157_11.dat s157_11 l157_11 t157_11
BROCK I-20 158_01 ca158_01.dat s158 l158 t158
KILAGMIOTAK F-48 165_01 ca165_01.dat s165 l165 t165
MOKKA A-02 166_01 ca166_01.dat s166 l166 t166
UNIPKAT I-22 167_01 ca167_01.dat s167 l167 t167
DUNDAS C-80 168_01 ca168_01.dat s168 l168 t168
LOUISE BAY O-25 169_01 ca169_01.dat s169 l169 t169
THOR P-38 170_01 ca170_01.dat s170 l170 t170
DOME BAY P-36 171_01 ca171_01.dat s171 l171 t171
DRAKE B-44 172_01 ca172_01.dat s172 l172 t172
NIGLINTGAK H-30 173_01 ca173_01.dat s173 l173 t173
GEMINI E-10 175_01 ca175_01.dat s175 l175 t175
YA YA P-53 176_01 ca176_01.dat s176 l176 t176
TITALIK K-26 177_01 ca177_01.dat s177 l177 t177
PARSONS N-10 178_01 ca178_01.dat s178 l178 t178
REINDEER F-36 179_01 ca179_01.dat s179 l179 t179
HACKETT RIVER 190-1 190_01 ca190_01.dat s190_01 l190_01 t190_01
HACKETT RIVER 190-2 190_02 ca190_02.dat s190_02 l190_02 t190_02
KUGPIK O-13 192_01 ca192_01.dat s192 l192 t192
IKHIL I-37 193_01 ca193_01.dat s193 l193 t193
ATIGI O-48 194_01 ca194_01.dat s194 l194 t194
LINCKENS ISLAND P-46 195_01 ca195_01.dat s195 l195 t195
BENT HORN N-72 196_01 ca196_01.dat s196 l196 t196
NEIL O-15 197_01 ca197_01.dat s197 l197 t197
DRAKE D-68 198_01 ca198_01.dat s198 l198 t198
DRAKE E-78 199_01 ca199_01.dat s199 l199 t199
HECLA I-69 200_01 ca200_01.dat s200 l200 t200
FORT SIMPSON 1-FS-72 201_01 ca201_01.dat s201_01 l201_01 t201_01
FORT SIMPSON 2-FS-72 201_02 ca201_02.dat s201_02 l201_02 t201_02
FORT SIMPSON 3-FS-72 201_03 ca201_03.dat s201_03 l201_03 t201_03
NORMAN WELLS 1-NW-72 202_01 ca202_01.dat s202_01 l202_01 t202_01
NORMAN WELLS 2-NW-72 202_02 ca202_02.dat s202_02 l202_02 t202_02
NORMAN WELLS 3-NW-72 202_03 ca202_03.dat s202_03 l202_03 t202_03
NORMAN WELLS 4-NW-72 202_04 ca202_04.dat s202_04 l202_04 t202_04
NORMAN WELLS 5-NW-72 202_05 ca202_05.dat s202_05 l202_05 t202_05
NORMAN WELLS 6-NW-72 202_06 ca202_06.dat s202_06 l202_06 t202_06
NORMAN WELLS 7-NW-72 202_07 ca202_07.dat s202_07 l202_07 t202_07
FORT GOOD HOPE 1-FGH-71 203_01 ca203_01.dat s203_01 l203_01 t203_01
FORT GOOD HOPE 2-FGH-71 203_02 ca203_02.dat s203_02 l203_02 t203_02
FORT GOOD HOPE 3-FGH-71 203_03 ca203_03.dat s203_03 l203_03 t203_03
FORT GOOD HOPE 4-FGH-71 203_04 ca203_04.dat s203_04 l203_04 t203_04
FORT MCPHERSON 1-MP-72 204_01 ca204_01.dat s204_01 l204_01 t204_01
FORT MCPHERSON 2-MP-72 204_02 ca204_02.dat s204_02 l204_02 t204_02
FORT MCPHERSON 3-MP-72 204_03 ca204_03.dat s204_03 l204_03 t204_03
TUKTOYAKTUK PCSP 208-6 208_06 ca208_06.dat s208_06 l208_06 t208_06
TUKTOYAKTUK PCSP 208-7 208_07 ca208_07.dat s208_07 l208_07 t208_07
POLAR GAS PG-2-76 214_01 ca214_01.dat s214_01 l214_01 t214_01
POLAR GAS PG-3-76 214_02 ca214_02.dat s214_02 l214_02 t214_02
POLAR GAS PG-5-76 214_03 ca214_03.dat s214_03 l214_03 t214_03
POLAR GAS PG-7-76 214_04 ca214_04.dat s214_04 l214_04 t214_04
POLAR GAS PG-11-76 214_05 ca214_05.dat s214_05 l214_05 t214_05
ASSISTANCE BAY PG-7-77 214_06 ca214_06.dat s214_06 l214_06 t214_06
POLAR GAS PG-9A-77 214_07 ca214_07.dat s214_07 l214_07 t214_07
LITTLE CORNWALLIS PG-10-77 214_08 ca214_08.dat s214_08 l214_08 t214_08
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_09 ca214_09.dat s214_09 l214_09 t214_09
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_10 ca214_10.dat s214_10 l214_10 t214_10
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_11 ca214_11.dat s214_11 l214_11 t214_11
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_12 ca214_12.dat s214_12 l214_12 t214_12
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_13 ca214_13.dat s214_13 l214_13 t214_13
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_14 ca214_14.dat s214_14 l214_14 t214_14
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_15 ca214_15.dat s214_15 l214_15 t214_15
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_16 ca214_16.dat s214_16 l214_16 t214_16
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_17 ca214_17.dat s214_17 l214_17 t214_17
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_18 ca214_18.dat s214_18 l214_18 t214_18
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_19 ca214_19.dat s214_19 l214_19 t214_19
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_20 ca214_20.dat s214_20 l214_20 t214_20
MELVILLE ISLAND 214_21 ca214_21.dat s214_21 l214_21 t214_21
REA POINT TELSAT 1 214_22 ca214_22.dat s214_22 l214_22 t214_22
REA POINT TELSAT 2 214_23 ca214_23.dat s214_23 l214_23 t214_23
BEAUFORT, MACAULEY LINE-1 218_01 ca218_01.dat s218_01 l218_01 t218_01
BEAUFORT, MACAULEY LINE-2 218_02 ca218_02.dat s218_02 l218_02 t218_02
BEAUFORT, MACAULEY LINE-3 218_03 ca218_03.dat s218_03 l218_03 t218_03
TEDJI LAKE K-24 253_01 ca253_01.dat s253 l253 t253
YA YA A-28 254_01 ca254_01.dat s254 l254 t254
ADGO P-25 255_01 ca255_01.dat s255 l255 t255
SUTHERLAND O-23 256_01 ca256_01.dat s256 l256 t256
PEDDER POINT D-49 257_01 ca257_01.dat s257 l257 t257
PAT BAY A-72 258_01 ca258_01.dat s258 l258 t258
DRAKE D-73 259_01 ca259_01.dat s259 l259 t259
RED FOX P-21 260_01 ca260_01.dat s260 l260 t260
KIMIK D-29 261_01 ca261_01.dat s261 l261 t261
ATERTAK E-41 262_01 ca262_01.dat s262 l262 t262
PIKIOLIK M-26 263_01 ca263_01.dat s263 l263 t263
PIKIOLIK E-54 264_01 ca264_01.dat s264 l264 t264
MALLIK A-06 265_01 ca265_01.dat s265 l265 t265
IVIK J-26 266_01 ca266_01.dat s266 l266 t266
TAGLU C-42 267_01 ca267_01.dat s267 l267 t267
TAGLU D-43 268_01 ca268_01.dat s268 l268 t268
TAGLU D-55 269_01 ca269_01.dat s269 l269 t269
NIGLINTGAK M-19 270_01 ca270_01.dat s270 l270 t270
NORTH ELLICE J-23 271_01 ca271_01.dat s271 l271 t271
PARSONS L-43 272_01 ca272_01.dat s272 l272 t272
KAMIK D-48 273_01 ca273_01.dat s273 l273 t273
SIKU C-11 274_01 ca274_01.dat s274 l274 t274
PARSONS N-17 275_01 ca275_01.dat s275 l275 t275
ULU A-35 276_01 ca276_01.dat s276 l276 t276
SIKU A-12 277_01 ca277_01.dat s277 l277 t277
NIGLINTGAK B-19 278_01 ca278_01.dat s278 l278 t278
PARSONS L-37 279_01 ca279_01.dat s279 l279 t279
KUMAK E-58 280_01 ca280_01.dat s280 l280 t280
SADENE D-02 281_01 ca281_01.dat s281 l281 t281
TAGLU N-43 282_01 ca282_01.dat s282 l282 t282
KENTY LAKE - 1 283_01 ca283_01.dat s283 l283 t283
SIKU E-21 284_01 ca284_01.dat s284 l284 t284
PARSONS D-20 285_01 ca285_01.dat s285 l285 t285
TAGLU H-54 287_01 ca287_01.dat s287 l287 t287
GARRY P-04 288_01 ca288_01.dat s288 l288 t288
CORNWALL O-30 291_01 ca291_01.dat s291 l291 t291
TATHLINA LAKE 292_01 ca292_01.dat s292 l292 t292
CAMERON B-13 293_01 ca293_01.dat s293 l293 t293
LAC CINQUANTE -1 294_01 ca294_01.dat s294_01 l294_01 t294_01
LAC CINQUANTE -2 294_02 ca294_02.dat s294_02 l294_02 t294_02
INDIAN 9-8 295_01 ca295_01.dat s295 l295 t295
MARRYATT K-71 299_01 ca299_01.dat s299 l299 t299
LOBITOS RESOLUTE BAY L-41 055_01 ca055_01.dat s55 l55 t55
AMAULIGAK 601_01 ca601_01.dat s601 l601 t601
GULF ISSERK GEOTECHNICAL HOL 602_01 ca602_01.dat s602 l602 t602
GSC BEAUFORT TRANSECT BH2 603_02 ca603_02.dat s603_02 l603_02 t603_02
GSC BEAUFORT TRANSECT BH3 603_03 ca603_03.dat s603_03 l603_03 t603_03
GSC BEAUFORT TRANSECT BH4 603_04 ca603_04.dat s603_04 l603_04 t603_04
GSC BEAUFORT TRANSECT BH5 603_05 ca603_05.dat s603_05 l603_05 t603_05
AGASSIZ ICE CAP, 1977 HOLE 606_01 ca606_01.dat s606_01 l606_01 t606_01
AGASSIZ ICE CAP, 1984 HOLE 606_02 ca606_02.dat s606_02 l606_02 t606_02
KUMAK COREHOLE 610_01 ca610_01.dat s610 l610 t610
UNIPKAT COREHOLE 611_01 ca611_01.dat s611 l611 t611
TAGLU COREHOLE 612_01 ca612_01.dat s612 l612 t612
NORTH CATH B-62 062_01 ca062_01.dat s62 l62 t62
REINDEER D-27 063_01 ca063_01.dat s63 l63 t63
YELLOWKNIFE 066_01 ca066_01.dat s66 l66 t66
PROVIDENCE A-47 070_01 ca070_01.dat s70 l70 t70
WINTER HARBOUR 073_01 ca073_01.dat s73 l73 t73
KUGALUK N-02 076_01 ca076_01.dat s76 l76 t76
HORTON RIVER 077_01 ca077_01.dat s77 l77 t77
HOODOO DOME H-37 086_01 ca086_01.dat s86 l86 t86
WILKINS E-60 087_01 ca087_01.dat s87 l87 t87
NORMAN WELLS BEAR ISLAND NO. 088_01 ca088_01.dat s88_01 l88_01 t88_01
NORMAN WELLS CANOL 7X 088_02 ca088_02.dat s88_02 l88_02 t88_02
NORMAN WELLS BEAR ISLAND NO. 088_03 ca088_03.dat s88_03 l88_03 t88_03
NORMAN WELLS CANOL NO. 18X 088_04 ca088_04.dat s88_04 l88_04 t88_04
NORMAN WELLS CANOL NO. 19X 088_05 ca088_05.dat s88_05 l88_05 t88_05
NORMAN WELLS CANOL NO. 30X 088_06 ca088_06.dat s88_06 l88_06 t88_06
NORMAN WELLS CANOL 33X 088_07 ca088_07.dat s88_07 l88_07 t88_07
BEAVER HOUSE CREEK H-13 089_01 ca089_01.dat s89 l89 t89
JAMESON BAY C-31 091_01 ca091_01.dat s91 l91 t91
GARNIER O-21 092_01 ca092_01.dat s92 l92 t92
DAHADINNI M-43A 094_01 ca094_01.dat s94 l94 t94
ROWLEY M-04 095_01 ca095_01.dat s95 l95 t95
FOSHEIM N-27 097_01 ca097_01.dat s97 l97 t97
STORKERSON BAY A-15 098_01 ca098_01.dat s98 l98 t98
DEVON E-45 099_01 ca099_01.dat s99 l99 t99