Note: This data set was first published on the 1998 CAPS CD.
The text for this document was taken unchanged from that CD.

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Title: Permafrost-Related Micrometeorology and Soil Temperatures, Qingzang Plateau, China

Responsible personnel

T. Ohta, Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University, Morioka 020, Japan


Qingzang Plateau, China

Time period


Site description

Northern side of the Tanggula Mountains located in the central part of the Tibetan Plateau. The altitude of the study watershed is 4700 m a.s.l.

Data set description: These data sets include maximum, mean, minimum air temperature, wind speed, relative humidity, global solar radiation, reflected solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, ground surface and soil temperature, soil moisture content, and soil physical properties.

These data are electronic copies of the tables in:

Ohta, T., Ageta, Y.,eds. 1996. Data Report of Cryosphere Research on Qingzang Plateau, 1991-1993. Nagoya University, Institute for Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Sciences, Research Report 2, 207p.

Use of the data from the CAPS CD should cite both the original Research Report as above, and the CAPS CD as follows:

Ohta, T. and Ageta, Y. 1998. Permafrost-related micrometeorology and soil temperatures, Qingzang Plateau, China. In: International Permafrost Association, Data and Information Working Group, comp. Circumpolar Active-Layer Permafrost System (CAPS), version 1.0. CD-ROM available from National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder, Colorado: NSIDC, University of Colorado at Boulder.