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Name of data set: Macun Rock Glacier, Lower Engadin, Swiss Alps
Detailed, repeated elevation and movement measurement

Details of Principal Investigators:

Barsch D.
Zick W.
King L.
et al.

Coverage of data set:

Study location

Macun rock glacier, Lower Engadine, Grisons, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Geographic extent

longitude 10 deg. 08 min. 20 sec. E
latitude 46 deg. 43 min. 40 sec. N

Period of investigation

Elevation and movement measurements 1965-1997

Summary Description

The rockglacier "Macun 1" is located in the Lower Engadine, Grisons, Swiss Alps and reaches from about 2720 m a.s.l. down to 2610 m a.s.l. (Figure). It has been surveyed by Dietrich Barsch and his co-operators from 1965 until 1997. The results of these measurements are displayed in the Tables. It is intended to continue the survey in intervals of at least every three years. The horizontal displacement, which was rather constant between 1967 and 1988, has increased remarkably in the last years (cf. Zick, 1996).

location: Val Zeznina, Lower Engadine, Grisons, Swiss Alps
type: lobate
size: l=500m, w=300/350m
square: 0,2 sqkm
orientation: NNW
elevation of source (m a.l.s.): max. 3050m
elevation of front (m a.l.s.): 2610m

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Zick, Wolfgang (1996): Bewegungsmessungen 1965-1994 am Blockgletscher Macun I (Unterengadin/Schweiz) - neue Ergebnisse. - Zs.Geomorphologie N.F., Suppl.-Bd. 104: 59-71

Barsch, D. und Zick, W. (1991) Die Bewegung des Blockgletschers Macun I von 1965-1988 (Unterengadin, Graubuenden, Schweiz). Zeitschrift fuer Geomorphologie NF 35: 9-14.


  1. Swiss Alps, Lower Engadin
  2. Rock Glaciers
  3. Surface Survey
  4. Changes in elevation
  5. Rate of movement of rock glacier

Please cite these data as follows:

Barsch D, Zick W., King L., et al.1998.Macun Rock Glacier, Lower Engadin, Swiss Alps. In: International Permafrost Association, Data and Information Working Group, comp. Circumpolar Active-Layer Permafrost System (CAPS), version 1.0. CD-ROM available from National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder, Colorado: NSIDC, University of Colorado at Boulder.