Description of Data Files

Cryosolic Pedons from Alaska and Russia, from the Natural Resources Conservation Service-National Soil Survey Center (NRCS-NSSC) , U.S. Department of Agriculture

The table below shows the contents of the pedon data files (char.dat, desc.dat, oxal.dat, soil8.dat). The files named "*.key" contain descriptions of each data field in the "*.dat" files. The "*.dat" files contain all the pedon data from NRCS-NSSC provided for the CAPS CD-ROM, including both Alaskan and Russian locations.

File Contents File File description
Laboratory Characterization Data Elements char.dat char.key
Laboratory Description Data Elements desc.dat desc.key
Laboratory Oxalate Data Elements oxal.dat oxal.key
SCS-Soils-8 File Information; soi8.dat soi8.key

Most of the pedon data from the Russian sites in the Kolyma Peninsula are included in the files *.dat above. However, the description data elements were not included above and are included in separate files below.