Note: This data set was first published on the 1998 CAPS CD.
The text for this document was taken unchanged from that CD.

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Active layer thickness and ground temperatures, Svea, Svalbard


(Data obtained and submitted by Odd Gregersen and Steinar Bakkehoi, digitized by M.O.Leibman).

Snow and soil temperature records for January 1988 - May 1996 are presented. Included are: snow depth and weight measurements (calculated from a 10 sample), active layer depth in the frost tubes, weight of wet and dried soil samples from unknown depth within the active layer. Water content was calculated as (wet soil weight-dry soil weight)/wet soil weight. Also included is soil temperature at the surface (0.05 cm), and to the depths of 3-4 m at 3 sites: on a road covered by 1 m of gravel underlaid by clay (in the database referred to as "gravel"), outside the building on piles, 1-2 m from the wall (in the database referred to as "outside"), and under the building in between the piles (in the database referred to as "inside"). In addition, air temperature measured inside is included. There are several gaps in temperature measurements (January 1991 to May 1992).

Weather station data is available in hard copy: precipitation records and snow depth records for 1985-1996.

Please cite these data as follows:

Bakkehoi, S. and Gregersen, O. 1998. Active layer thickness and ground temperatures, Svea, Svalbard. In: International Permafrost Association, Data and Information Working Group, comp. Circumpolar Active-Layer Permafrost System (CAPS), version 1.0. CD-ROM available from National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder, Colorado: NSIDC, University of Colorado at Boulder.