CLPX-Ground: Ground-Based Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar

Snow Pit Graphs

The following figures are plots of snow pit parameters, including snow depth, temperature, hardness, density, grain size, and type.

The density profile is in blue in each figure (axis at bottom), temperature is in red (top axis), and hand hardness is in yellow (scale in black below density scale). The grain size and type are given on the left-hand side of the figure, with the size in mm and the type:

+ = new snow
\ = fragments
- = ice lense
[] = facets
[]* = facets turning to rounds
* = rounds
o = melt-freeze

Figure 1. Snow pit data from the LSOS on 20 February 2003.


Figure 2. Snow pit data from MIchigan Ridge, North Park MSA, on 21 February 2003.


Figure 3. Snow pit data from Berthoud Pass, Fraser MSA, on 22 February 2003.


Figure 4. Snow pit data from Buffalo Pass, Rabbit Ears MSA, on 23 February 2003.


Figure 5. Snow pit data from the LSOS on 25 March 2003.


Figure 6. Snow pit data from the LSOS on 28 March 2003.