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TOVS Pathfinder Path-P Daily and Monthly Polar Gridded Atmospheric Parameters

Appendix B: Geometry Class

The Geometry Vdata contained in the Path-P gridded products describes the parameters used by a set of the projection and gridding software developed at NSIDC for generating the Equal Area SSM/I Earth (EASE) Grid. These attributes are stored in the Path-P files as part of the processing history and are not required to access or use the scientific data sets.

Data Type
bin_meth132-bit Integer
registration132-bit Integer
map_origin_col33.032-bit Float
map_origin_row33.032-bit Float
cols_per_map_unit100.2732-bit Float
rows_per_map_unit 100.2732-bit Float
cols6732-bit Integer
rows6732-bit Integer
lat090.032-bit Float
lon00.032-bit Float
lat1-99999.0 32-bit Float
rotation0.032-bit Float