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SSMI Grid - Arctic Lead ARI Grid Relationship

This figure shows the relationship between SSM/I grid coordinates and the Arctic Lead ARI grid sample, line indexes. In the figure, grid pixel "A" is at sample 2250, line 1975 of the Pacific grid while pixel "B" is at sample 1, line 1300 of the European grid. The SSM/I grid has its origin at the pole, and grid units are kilometers.

Grid Relationship Figure

SSMI Grid and Arctic Lead ARI Grid Relationship

The Pacific and European Grids Map depicts the two grids used to cover the Beaufort, Chukchi, East Siberian Seas, Barents, Kara, and some of the East Greenland and Laptev Seas.

Program I converts from pixel sample and line indexes to polar stereographic SSM/I grid coordinates to latitude and longitude coordinates. Program II converts from latitude and longitude coordinates to polar stereographic SSM/I grid coordinates to pixel sample and indexes.

The figure is adapted from:

Fetterer and Hawkins. 1991. An AVHRR data set for the Arctic leads ARI. Naval Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Laboratory, Technical Note 118. 61 p.