NOAA Satellite Service Periods

This table identifies the NOAA satellites that carried the AVHRR during the period of interest to the Leads ARI. The figure also indicates the approximate times of the ascending and descending nodes in Local Solar Time (LST). An ascending node implies a northbound equatorial crossing while a descending node implies a southbound equatorial crossing.

Satellite  Launch  Ascending  Descending       Service
 Number     Date     Node        Node           Dates
NOAA-9     12/12/84  1420        0220     02/25/85 - 11/07/88
NOAA-10    09/17/86  1930        0730     11/17/86 - Inactive
NOAA-11    09/24/88  1340        0140     11/08/88 - 09/13/94
NOAA-12    05/14/91  1930        0730     05/14/91 - Present

This table is adapted from:

Fetterer and Hawkins. 1991. An AVHRR data set for the Arctic leads ARI. Naval Oceanographic and Atmospheric Research Laboratory, Technical Note 118. 61 p.