LeadEx Instruments and Parameters

The following table summarizes the instruments used and parameters measured during the Arctic Leads ARI field experiment (LeadEx) in the Beaufort Sea during March and April of 1992.

Instrument/Sensor         Location       Parameter

NOAA's 915-Mhz profiler   base camp      hourly wind and
and Radio Acoustics                      temperature profiles
Sounding System (RASS)

rawinsondes               base camp      deep wind and temperature

laser celiometer          base camp      cloud base height and
                                         aerosol backscatter

single-axis Doppler       base camp      low-level profiles of 
minisodar                                temperature structure and
                                         acoustic backscatter

profiler and minisodar    leads          independent
                                         measurements of
                                         vertical velocity and
                                         inversion height

small scale, three-       leads          pressure fluctuations
sensor u-pressure array

three-axis sonic          site east      wind components and
anemometer                of base camp   virtual temperature

short- and long-wave      site east      standard wind, pressure,
radiation sensors         of base camp   temperature, and relative

This figure was summarized from:

Wolfe D. E., D. Ruffieux, and C. W. Fairall. 1993. The 1992 arctic leads experiment: an overview of the meteorology. Arctic research of the United States 7:24-28.