Data Content and Structure

SMMR brightness temperatures in this product are 6.60 GHz, 10.69 GHz, 18.00 GHz and 37.00 GHz; each frequency has both vertical and horizontal polarization. The 21.00 GHz channel data are omitted because of large drifts in values.

The following information concerning CD-ROMs is retained for historic purposes.

The SMMR brightness temperatures and sea ice concentrations on these twelve CD-ROM volumes are gridded in the polar stereographic projection with grid elements of 25 x 25 km. The CD-ROMs are mastered to the ISO 9660 industry standard. Note that SMMR files have neither PDS labels (Planetary Data System, see IMDISP User's Guide) nor HDF headers (Hierarchical Data Format, the NASA EOSDIS V0 standard data format, used on the SSM/I Ice Concentration CD-ROMs from NSIDC). The SMMR brightness temperature files contain 2-byte (16-bit) integers; sea ice concentration files contain 1-byte (8-bit) integers.