MOD29E1D Local Attributes

Local attributes describe the data and provide summary data on the results of the sea ice algorithm. Two types of local attributes are reported: HDF predefined, and custom local attributes.

HDF Predefined Local Attributes

Attribute Name Reserved Label(s) Definition Sample Value
Label long_name Long name of the SDS Sea ice by reflective characteristics
Unit units SI units of the data, if any none
Format format How the data should be viewed in Fortran format notation I3
Coordinate system coordsys Coordinate system to use for the data cartesian
Range valid_range Max and min values within a selected data range 0-254
Fill Value _FillValue Data used to fill gaps in the swath 255
Calibration scale_factor
Used if data are stored in calibrated form

Custom Local Attributes

Sea Ice by Reflectance
Attribute Name Definition Sample Value
missing_value Coded integer used to indicate missing data 0
Sea Ice_pct Areal coverage of sea ice (0-100) 68
Ocean_pct Percentage of ocean in the tile 57
Cloud_pct Percentage of cloud in the tile 75
Land_area_pct Percentage of land in the tile 43
Key Key to meaning of data See pixel values.

Ice Surface Temperature
Attribute Name Definition Sample Value
Key: Key to meaning of data See pixel values.