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MOD10CM and MYD10CM Local Snow Cover Attributes, Version 5

Local attributes describe the data and provide summary data on the results of the snow cover algorithm. Two types of local attributes are reported: Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) predefined and custom local attributes.

HDF Predefined Local Attributes

Attribute Name
Reserved Label(s)
Sample Value
Label long_name Long name of the Scientific Data Set (SDS). Monthly snow cover extent, 5km
Unit units International System of Units (SI) of the data. None
Format format How the data should be viewed in Fortran format notation. I3
Coordinate system coordsys Coordinate system to use for the data. latitude, longitude
Range valid_range Maximum and minimum values within a selected data range. 0, 100
Fill Value _FillValue Data used to fill gaps in the grid. 255

Custom Local Attributes for the Snow_Cover_Monthly_CMG Field

Attribute Name
Sample Value
Key Key to the meaining of the coded integers within the SDS.
Value Description
0 -100 = percent of snow in cell  
211 = night darkness, terminator, or polar
250 = cloud cloud obscured water
253 = no decision  
254 = water mask  
255 = fill  
Mask_value Value given to masked areas from analysis, primarily oceans. 254
Night_value Value assigned to cells in complete darkness. 211
Cell_resolution Approximate resolution of the Climate Modeling Grid (CMG) cells. 0.05 degrees
Antarctic_snow_note Special note on Antarctica processing. Antarctica deliberately mapped as snow

Custom Local Attributes for the Snow_Spatial_QA Field

Attribute Name
Key Explanation of the QA Flag. 0 = good quality
1 = other quality
252 = Antarctica mask
254 = water mask
255 = fill