MOD10C1 and MYD10C1 Global Attributes

The MOD10C1 and MYD10C1 snow cover products include three EOSDIS Core System (ECS) global attributes; these are stored as long character strings in parameter value language (PVL) format. MOD10C1 also includes product specific attributes.

Product Specific Attributes


Object Name Comments Sample Value
ShortName ESDT¹ name of product MOD10C1
VersionID ECS Collection Version 4
ReprocessingActual Number of times processed reprocessed
ReprocessingPlanned Expect that products will be reprocessed at least once further update is anticipated
LocalGranuleID MOD10C1....hdf
DayNightFlag Both
ProductionDateTime Time granule was produced 2002-08-06T20:09:48.000Z
LocalVersionID Version of algorithm delivered from the SCF². SCF V4.0.0
PGEVersion Version of PGE in MODAPS 4.0.0
InputPointer Names of input files MOD10A1.A2002033...
RangeBeginningDate Beginning date of the first scan line in the swath 2001-07-12
RangeBeginningTime Beginning time of the first scan line in the swath 22:35:00.000000
RangeEndingDate Ending date of the last scan line in the swath 2001-07-12
RangeEndingTime Ending time of the last scan line in the swath 22:40:00.000000
GRingPointLatitude Geographic latitude bounds of swath coverage [90.000000, 90.000000, -90.000000, -90.000000]
GringPointLongitude Geographic longitude bounds of swath coverage [-180.000000, 180.000000, -180.000000, 180.000000]
GRingPointSequenceNo [1,2,3,4]
ParameterName Parameter for which QA statistics are given in this metadata object Day Global Snow Cover
AutomaticQualityFlag Result of automated checks during the run of the algorithm that screens for significant amounts
of anomalous data
AutomaticQualityFlagExplanation Explanation of result of automated QA checks made during execution No errors detected in processing
QAPercentMissingData 0-100 1
QAPercentCloudCover 0-100 5
AssociatedPlatformShortName Terra
AssociatedInstrumentShortName MODIS
AssociatedSensorShortName MODIS
Product Specific Attributes (PSA)
QAPERCENTGOODQUALITY Summary quality assurance statistics for data product.
Note: pixels identified as cloud are considered "Good Quality"
SNOWCOVERPERCENT Summary percentage of snow-covered land 68

¹ Earth Science Data Type (ESDT)
² Science Computing Facility (SCF)


This attribute contains information relevant to production of the data product. It also contains an alternate bounding of geographic coverage of the swath. These data are useful in determining what version of the algorithm was used to generate the product.

Object Name Comment Sample Value
GlobalGridColumns 1440
GlobalGridRows 720
AlgorithmPackageAcceptanceDate Algorithm descriptors 08-05-2002
AlgorithmPackageMaturityCode OPL
AlgorithmPackageName MOD_PR10C1
AlgorithmPackageVersion Version 4.0.0
InstrumentName Moderate-Resolution Imaging SpectroRadiometer
PlatformShortName Terra
ProcessingDateTime 2002-08-06T16:09:20.000Z
LongName MODIS/Terra Snow Cover Daily L3 Global 0.25Deg CMG Grid
Processing Center MODAPS
SPSOParameters none
EastBoundingCoordinate Extent of swath coverage in latitude and longitude -78.324016
WestBoundingCoordinate -108.884088
NorthBounding Coordinate 50.000000
SouthBounding Coordinate 40.000000
DESCRRevision Version of MCF used 3.0


This attribute is used by the HDF-EOS toolkit to specify the mapping relationships between the geolocation data and the snow cover Scientific Data Sets (SDSs). Mapping relationships are unique in HDF-EOS and are stored in the product using HDF structures. A description of the mapping relationships is not provided here.

Object Definition
DATAFIELD_1 Day_CMG_Snow_Cover
DATAFIELD_2 Day_CMG_Confidence_Index
DATAFIELD_3 Day_CMG_Cloud_Obscured
DATAFIELD_4 Snow_Spatial_QA

Product Specific Attributes

Attribute Name Comment Sample Value
HDFEOSVersion Version of HDF-EOS Toolkit HDFEOS_V2.4