IceBridge GPS L0 Raw Satellite Navigation Data

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The NASA IceBridge GPS L0 Raw Satellite Navigation Data (IPUTG0) data set contains GPS readings, including latitude, longitude, track, ground speed, off distance, Positional Dilution of Precision (PDOP), GPS height, easting, northing and time taken over Antarctica using the Trimble Trimflite differential GPS Navigation System. The data were collected by scientists working on the Investigating the Cryospheric Evolution of the Central Antarctic Plate (ICECAP) project, which is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) with additional support from NASA Operation IceBridge. The data are stored in ASCII text format and are available for periodic, ongoing campaigns from 2009 to the present via FTP.

Operation IceBridge products may include test flight data that are not useful for research and scientific analysis. Test flights usually occur at the beginning of campaigns. Users should read flight reports for the flights that collected any of the data they intend to use. Check IceBridge campaign Flight Reports for dates and information about test flights.

The directory structure for this data set is described in the 00README.txt file.

In the 2009/2010 season, Operation IceBridge supplemented the Cryospheric Evolution of the Central Antarctic Plate (ICECAP) project with 36 days of additional survey time. See the ICECAP Web page for more on the University of Texas ICECAP project.

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Data are available via FTP and HTTPS.