IceBridge POS/AV L1B Corrected Position and Attitude Data

Full documentation for this data set is currently not available. If you have any questions regarding this data set, please contact NSIDC User Services Office either by filling out a contact form, by e-mail to, or by telephone at +1 303-492-6199.

NOTE to users who have downloaded the IceBridge POS/AV L1B Corrected Position and Attitude Data prior to January 25, 2011:
As of 25 January 2011 these data have been updated to Version 01.1. Version 01.1 contains POS/AV data collected by the Applanix System connected to the DMS instrument. Prior to Version 01.1, the data were obtained from the Applanix System connected to the ATM instrument. There were no problems with the ATM version of the data, but the data were only available for flights on which ATM was operational. The DMS version is now in use for the sake of completion across all instruments.

Operation IceBridge products may include test flight data that are not useful for research and scientific analysis. Test flights usually occur at the beginning of campaigns. Users should read flight reports for the flights that collected any of the data they intend to use. Check IceBridge campaign Flight Reports for dates and information about test flights.

The directory structure for this data set is described in the 00READMEV01.1.txt file.

NSIDC provides two Applanix SBET file readers, and one MATLAB reader:

For more information, please refer to the SBET_Format.pdf file.

See the POS AV Instrument Web page for more information on the POS AV instrument.

Data set DOI:

Data are available via FTP and HTTPS.