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IceBridge NSERC L1B Geolocated Meteorologic and Surface Temperature Data

2010 Antarctica Parameter Description

The 2010 Antarctica campaign NSERC L1B Geolocated Meteorologic and Surface Temperature Data files contain the parameters described in the table below. Return to the data set guide document to view data parameters for additional campaigns.

2010 Antarctica Data Parameter Description
Name Description Units
UTC Universal Time Code Seconds
Latitude Latitude Degrees
Longitude Longitude Degrees
GPS_Altitude GPS altitude Meters
Pressure_Altitude Barometric altitude Feet
Radar_Altitude Altitude above ground level (AGL) Feet
Ground_Speed Ground speed Meters per second
True_Air_Speed True air speed Meters per second
Indicated_Air_Speed Indicated air speed Knots
Mach_Number Mach speed Mach
Vertical_Speed Vertical speed Meters per second
True_Heading True heading Degrees ±180
Track_Angle Track angle Degrees ±180
Drift_Angle Drift angle Degrees ±180
Pitch_Angle Pitch angle Degrees ±180
Roll_Angle Roll angle Degrees ±180
Static_Air_Temp Static air temperature Celsius
Dew_Point Dew point Celsius
Dew_Point_3-Stage Dew point Celsius
TAT_Aircraft Total air temperature (aircraft) Celsius
TAT_Experimenter Total air temperature (experimenter) Celsius
IR_Surf_Temp Infrared surface temperature Celsius
Static_Pressure Static pressure Millibars
Cabin_Pressure Cabin pressure Millibars
Wind_Speed Wind speed Meters per second
Wind_Direction Wind direction Degrees ±180
Solar_Zenith_Angle Solar zenith angle Degrees
Aircraft_Sun_Elevation Solar elevation relative to the aircraft Degrees
Sun_Azimuth Solar azimuth relativeto the aircraft Degrees
Aircraft_Sun_Azimuth Solar azimuth relative to the aircraft Degrees
Mixing_Ratio Mixing ratio Grams per kilogram
Part_Pressure_H2O Partial pressure of water vapor relative to water Millibars
Part_Pressure_Ice Partial pressure of water vapor relative to ice Millibars
H2O_Sat_VP_Water Saturated vapor pressure of water relative to water Millibars
H2O_Sat_VP_Ice Saturated vapor pressureof water relative to ice Millibars
Rel_Humidity_H2O Relative humidity with respect to water Percent
Rel_Humidity_Ice Relative humidity with respect to to ice Percent

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