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High-Resolution Radar Imagery, Digital Elevation Models, and Related GIS Layers for Barrow, Alaska: IFSAR Tile Map

See bounding coordinates.

IFSAR tile map

Map of IFSAR tiles as delivered by Intermap Technologies.

Bounding Coordinates

Tile Name North South West East
bara2nwqs 71.25°N 71.125°N 155.70°W 155.40°W
bara2swqs 71.125°N 71.00°N 155.70°W 155.40°W
bara3neqs 71.25°N 71.125°N 156.00°W 155.70°W
bara3nwqs 71.25°N 71.125°N 156.30°W 156.00°W
bara3seqs 71.125°N 155.70°N 156.00°W 155.70°W
bara3swqs 71.125°N 71.00°N 156.30°W 156.00°W
bara4neqs 71.25°N 71.125°N 156.60°W 156.30°W
bara4nwqs 71.25°N 71.125°N 156.90°W 156.60°W
bara4seqs 71.125°N 71.00°N 156.60°W 156.30°W
bara4swqs 71.125°N 71.00°N 156.90°W 156.60°W
bara5neqs 71.25°N 71.125°N 157.20°W 156.90°W
bara5seqs 71.125°N 71.00°N 157.20°W 156.90°W
bara5swqs 71.125°N 71.00°N 157.50°W 157.20°W
barb3seqs 71.375°N 71.25°N 156.00°W 155.70°W
barb3swqs 71.375°N 71.25°N 156.30°W 156.00°W
barb4neqs 71.50°N 71.375°N 156.60°W 156.30°W
barb4seqs 71.375°N 71.25°N 156.60°W 156.30°W
barb4swqs 71.375°N 71.25°N 156.90°W 156.60°W
merd1neqs 71.00°N 70.875°N 156.30°W 156.00°W
merd1nwqs 71.00°N 70.875°N 156.60°W 156.30°W
merd2neqs 71.00°N 70.875°N 156.90°W 156.60°W
merd2nwqs 71.00°N 70.875°N 157.20°W 156.90°W
merd3neqs 71.00°N 70.875°N 157.50°W 157.20°W
merd3nwqs 71.00°N 70.875°N 157.80°W 157.50°W
tesd5neqs 71.00°N 70.875°N 155.70°W 155.40°W
tesd5nwqs 71.00°N 70.875°N 156.00°W 155.70°W