Micrometeorites from the South Pole Water Well

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Derived Images

Following are examples of cosmic glass spherules and micrometeorites, analyzed with a Zeiss DSM962 scanning electron microscope (SEM) at Dartmouth College. Click on each of the thumbnail images to access the corresponding full-resolution TIFF image.

Barred olivine spherule Barred olivine spherule
CAT scan of micrometeorite sample CAT scan of spherule
Cryptocrystalline spherule Cryptocrystalline spherule
G-type spherule G-type spherule
Weathered glass spherule Weathered glass spherule
Glass spherule Glass spherule
I-type spherule I-type spherule
Porphyritic spherule Porphyritic spherule
Scoriaceous spherule Scoriaceous spherule
Unmelted spherule Unmelted spherule
Silicon-rich spherule Silicon-rich spherule
Relic pieces Relic-grain-bearing spherule
Anorthite relic Anorthite relic
Glass spherule with tail Unusual glass spherule with tail
Magnetite rim Magnetite rim spherule