Ice Thickness and Surface Elevation, Southeastern Ross Embayment, West Antarctica (D.D. Blankenship et al.)

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Map: Area of data set coverage
Figure 1. Area of coverage is indicated by the dark gray box. Crosshairs mark the position of the south pole.

Ice streams of the Ross Embayment
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Figure 2. Ice streams of the Ross Embayment of West Antarctica (labeled A through E) shown on the ice sheet surface (top) and subglacial topography (bottom) of Drewry (1983). For the surface topography the contour interval is 500 m. The subglacial topography is represented by a 1000 m contour interval with shaded topography below -1000 m a.s.l. The CASERTZ aerogeophysical survey over the Southeastern Ross Embayment (SERE) is outlined by the box overlying the catchments of ice streams B and C. EWB and BST, respectively, mark the locations of the Ellsworth/Whitmore crustal block and the Bentley Subglacial Trench; Marie Byrd Land (MBL), the Transantarctic Mountains (TAM), and the Ross Ice Shelf (RIS) are shown as well. The star indicates the location of possible active subglacial volcanism (Blankenship et al., 1993). (With permission from Blankenship et al. 2001.)

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Blankenship, D.D., R.E. Bell, S.M.Hodge, J.M Brozena, J.C. Behrendt, and C.A. Finn. 1993. Active volcanism beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet and implications for ice-sheet stability. Nature 361: 526-529.

Drewry, D.J. 1983. Antarctica: Glaciological and Geophysical Folio. Cambridge: Scott Polar Research Institute.