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Ice Thickness and Surface Elevation, Southeastern Ross Embayment, West Antarctica (D.D. Blankenship et al.)

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Derived Images

From Blankenship et al. 2001

Ice sheet surface elevations
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Figure 1. Ice-sheet surface elevations from CASERTZ airborne laser altimetry over the region encompassing the initiation of rapid basal motion for the ice streams of the southeastern Ross Embayment. Crevassed shear margins for these ice streams as determined by airborne radar sounding are indicated by white shading along the tracklines. C2 and B2 indicate the northern limbs of ice streams C and B, respectively; C1b and C1a indicate the northern and southern tributaries of the southern limb of ice stream C. (With permission from Blankenship et al. 2001.)

Subglacial topography
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Figure 2. Subglacial topography obtained by subtracting ice thickness from CASERTZ airborne radar sounding from the surface elevations of [Figure 1]. The assumed crustal boundary for the Ellsworth/Whitmore crustal block (EWB; -250 m a.s.l.) is shown by the broken red line; the boundary for the Whitmore Mountains/Ross Embayment transitional crust (WRT; -500 m a.s.l.) is indicated by the broken orange line. (With permission from Blankenship et al. 2001.)

Blankenship, D.D., D.L. Morse, C.A. Finn, R.E. Bell, M.E. Peters, S.D. Kempf, S.M. Hodge, M. Studinger, J.C. Behrendt, and J.M. Brozena. 2001. Geologic controls on the initiation of rapid basal motion for West Antarctic ice streams: A geophysical perspective including new airborne radar sounding and laser altimetry results. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Behavior and Environment. Antarctic Research Series 77: 105-121.