Data Pool

Data Pool Insert Files

Each day, files that list daily additions to the Data Pool are created in the top-level Data Pool FTP directory and in each data product's directory. To see what files were added to the Data Pool in the last 7 days, you can browse the the "DPRecentInserts_*" data files or download them using the Data Pool FTP service. This allows you to quickly inspect and select new data. Regular users can quickly see data that were inserted each day, which greatly simplifies data access.

A sample list of recent Data Pool inserts for the AMSR-E Level-2 rain product (AE_Rain) is shown below:


Clicking the file, "DPRecentInserts_AE_Rain_001_20050316," for example, shows you a list of AE_Rain data files added to the Data Pool on 16 March 2005:



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