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High-Resolution Rectified Aerial Photography for Collaborative Research of Environmental Change at Barrow, Alaska, USA, Version 1

This data set includes aerial photography of Barrow, Alaska, which has been geocorrected to a 2002 QuickBird satellite image or Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) imagery. Photography included in the set is from these specific dates, from 1948 to 1997: 4 August 1948, 29 July 1949, 12-14 August 1955, 12-24 August 1962, 14 July 1964, 15 July 1979, 31 August 1984, and 16 July 1997.

Data are in GeoTIFF and ESRI Shapefile formats with FGDC compliant metadata. Data on DVD are available for ordering. Note: The data for 14 July 1964 span both DVDs.

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