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Aquarius Data

NASA's Aquarius Microwave Radiometer

Published Research

This page provides a list of published research using Aquarius data and reference to the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD). The published research list is sorted in reverse chronological order, with entries listed in alphabetic order. Please contact NSIDC User Services if you have a reference you would like to share on this page.

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBDs)

Bindlish, Rajat, and Thomas J. Jackson. 2013. Aquarius Soil Moisture ATBD Users Guide, Version 2.0. Beltsville, Maryland USA: USDA Hydrology and Remote Sensing Lab. (PDF file, 315 KB).

Published Research


Bindlish, Rajat, Thomas Jackson, Michael Cosh, Tianjie Zhao and Peggy O'Neill. 2013. Global Soil Moisture from the Aquarius Satellite: Description and Initial Assessment. IEEE Geosciences and Remote Sensing Letters (in review).

Piepmeier, Jeffrey, Shannon Brown, Joel Gales, Liang Hong, Gary Lagerloef, David Le Vine, Paolo de Matthaeis, Thomas Meissner, Rajat Bindlish, and Thomas Jackson. 2013. Aquarius Radiometer Post-Launch Calibration for Product Version 2.0, Aquarius Project Document: AQ-014-PS-0015.

Pratt, Frederick S. 2013. Aquarius Level-2 Soil Moisture Data Product. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Aquarius Project Document AQ-014-PS-0021, Version 2.0.