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AMSR-E/Aqua Data

Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - Earth Observing System Sensor on the NASA Aqua Satellite

Image Gallery

This Web page contains AMSR-E data product images associated with a specific weather event. Click on the images below to access the complete Web page for a given weather event.
Hurricane Frances - Rain rate, 31 August

Hurricane Katrina - Sea Surface Temperature
29 August 2005
AMSR-E Images of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Frances - Rain rate, 31 August

Hurricane Francis - Rain Rate
31 August 2004
AMSR-E Images of Hurricane Frances

Hurricane Ivan - Wind speed, 15 September

Hurricane Ivan - Wind Speed
15 September 2004
AMSR-E Images of Hurricane Ivan

Oklahoma Flood - AMRS-E soil moisture mape

Oklahoma Flood - Soil Moisture
03 March 2004
Using AMSR-E Soil Moisture Data to Study the Extent of March 2004 Flood