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NASA Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) at NSIDC

AMSR-E/Aqua Data

Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - Earth Observing System Sensor on the NASA Aqua Satellite

Data Sets

The following tables show the AMSR-E products available from NSIDC. To obtain documentation for a specific product, click on the data set title in the appropriate table.

The data products are grouped into the following categories:

Standard AMSR-E Data Products [top]

Short Name Data Set Title Sample Images
(Click on thumbnail to see larger image.)
AMSREL1A AMSR-E/Aqua L1A Raw Observation Counts Not Applicable
AE_L2A AMSR-E/Aqua L2A Global Swath Spatially-Resampled Brightness Temperatures
tn_ae_l2a.20040723.89h.ascending.png tn_ae_l2a.20040723.89h.descending.png tn_ae_l2a.20040723.89v.ascending.png tn_ae_l2a.20040723.89v.descending.png
AE_Land AMSR-E/Aqua L2B Surface Soil Moisture, Ancillary Params, & QC EASE-Grids
tn_ae_land.20040723.soilmoisture.ascending.png tn_ae_land.20040723.soilmoisture.descending.png
AE_Land3 AMSR-E/Aqua Daily L3 Surface Soil Moisture, Interpretive Params, & QC EASE-Grids
AE_Rain AMSR-E/Aqua L2B Global Swath Rain Rate/Type GSFC Profiling Algorithm
tn_ae_rain.20040723.rainrate.asc.png tn_ae_rain.20040723.rainrate.des.png
AE_RnGd AMSR-E/Aqua Monthly L3 5x5 deg Rainfall Accumulations tn_ae_rngd.200409.rain.ocean.jpg
AE_Ocean AMSR-E/Aqua L2B Global Swath Ocean Products derived from Wentz Algorithm
tn_ae_ocean.20040723.cloudliquidwater.12km.asc.png tn_ae_ocean.20040723.cloudliquidwater.12km.des.png tn_ae_ocean.20040723.sst.38km.asc.png tn_ae_ocean.20040723.sst.38km.des.png
tn_ae_ocean.20040723.watervapor.21km.asc.png tn_ae_ocean.20040723.watervapor.21km.des.png tn_ae_ocean.20040723.windspeed.21km.asc.png tn_ae_ocean.20040723.windspeed.21km.des.png
AE_DyOcn AMSR-E/Aqua Daily L3 Global Ascending/Descending .25x.25 deg Ocean Grids
tn_ae_dyocn.20040723.cloudliquidwater.hires.png tn_ae_dyocn.20040723.sst.lores.png tn_ae_dyocn.20040723.watervapor.medres.png tn_ae_dyocn.20040723.windspeed.medres.png
AE_WkOcn AMSR-E/Aqua Weekly L3 Global Ascending/Descending .25x.25 deg Ocean Grids
tn_ae_wkocn.20040711-17.cloudliquidwater.hires.png tn_ae_wkocn.20040711-17sst.lores.png tn_ae_wkocn.20040711-17.watervapor.medres.png tn_ae_wkocn.20040711-17.windspeed.medres.png
AE_MoOcn AMSR-E/Aqua Monthly L3 Global Ascending/Descending .25x.25 deg Ocean Grids
tn_ae_moocn.200302.cloudliquidwater.hires.png tn_ae_moocn.200302.sst.lores.png tn_ae_moocn.200302.watervapor.medres.png tn_ae_moocn.200302.windspeed.medres.png
AE_DySno AMSR-E/Aqua Daily L3 Global Snow Water Equivalent EASE-Grids
tn_ae_dysno.20040723.swe.north.png tn_ae_dysno.20040723.swe.south.png
AE_5DSno AMSR-E/Aqua 5-Day L3 Global Snow Water Equivalent EASE-Grids
tn_ae_5dsno.20030225.swe.north.png tn_ae_5dsno.20040730.swe.south.png
AE_MoSno AMSR-E/Aqua Monthly L3 Global Snow Water Equivalent EASE-Grids
tn_ae_mosno.200302.swe.north.png tn_ae_mosno.200407.swe.south.png
AE_SI6 AMSR-E/Aqua Daily L3 6.25 km 89 GHz Brightness Temperature Polar Grids
tn_ae_si6.20041106.89h.north.jpg tn_ae_si6.20041106.89v.north.jpg tn_ae_si12.20040807.seaice.south.png tn_ae_si12.20040807.snowdepth.south.png
AE_SI12 AMSR-E/Aqua Daily L3 12.5 km Brightness Temperatures, Sea Ice Concentration, & Snow Depth Polar Grids
tn_ae_si12.20030205.seaice.north.png tn_ae_si12.20030205.snowdepth.north.png tn_ae_si12.20040807.seaice.south.png tn_ae_si12.20040807.snowdepth.south.png
AE_SI25 AMSR-E/Aqua Daily L3 25 km Brightness Temperatures & Sea Ice Concentration Polar Grids
tn_ae_si25.20030205.seaice.north.png tn_ae_si25.220040807.seaice.south.png
AE_SID AMSR-E/Aqua Daily L3 6.25 km Sea Ice Drift Polar Grids Not Applicable


Related AMSR-E Data Products [top]

DIF ID Data Set Title
NSIDC-0543 AMSR-E/Aqua Monthly Global Microwave Land Surface Emissivity
NSIDC-0447 Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC) Daily Snow Depth Analysis Data
NSIDC-0301 AMSR-E/Aqua Daily EASE-Grid Brightness Temperatures
NSIDC-0302 AMSR-E/Aqua Daily Global Quarter-Degree Gridded Brightness Temperatures
NSIDC-0450 Co-Registered AMSR-E, QuikSCAT, and WMO Data
NSIDC-0451 Daily Global Land Surface Parameters Derived from AMSR-E

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